Crafting tools and products to help people think and create.

Hey, I’m Xiao, AKA Reorx on the internet. I'm a:

  • Full-stack web developer

    I have 6+ years of experience in full-stack web development, operations, and project management. I specialize in Python, Go, and JavaScript, but I don’t shy away from other languages to solve problems.

  • Freelancer

    I work from home to feed myself. I provide consulting services for creative workers and agencies to help them deliver better products. Meanwhile, I participate in profitable projects with my reliable partners.

  • Open-source enthusiast

    I’ve always been passionate about sharing the code and solutions I worked out. I maintain projects like Python libraries, Chrome Extensions, and Obsidian plugins on GitHub in my spare time.

  • and Product maker

    I’m now working full-time as the co-founder of a SaaS product that refines the way to collect and ingest information. It’s the first product I designed and built upon my own will. I’m excited to make it alive in the next 1 or 2 months.

Reorx’s Footprints is the Telegram Channel that aggregates the content I consume and create on the Internet. Join to get my updates and learn new things with me there.

You can also find me at the links below.

GL.iNet Slate AX (GL-AXT1800), from


介绍无线便携路由器 Travel Router 的功能和产品,并对比说明它与 Wi-Fi 信号放大器和随身 Wi-Fi 的差异。


整理了一份比较完整的评论系统评测列表,并详细介绍了最终选择的 Remark42。

[Reorx’s Footprints](


展示我是如何用 n8n 将 Twitter, YouTube, GitHub, Douban 等服务的动态同步到 Telegram Channel,实现个人数字生活的信息聚合。

Photo by [Malcolm Lightbody]( from [Unsplash](



我理想中的 Newsletter platform

一些我对 Newsletter platform 产品形态非常主观的探索和思考

搭建 umami 收集个人网站统计数据

教你如何免费搭建和使用美丽的 umami 网站统计服务,和 Google Analytics 说再见。

Frontend Guide 01: Webpack babel-loader 使用指南

Frontend Guide 系列的第一篇文章,讲述我为何从 ts-loader 迁移到 babel-loader,以及我的 babel-loader 详细配置方案说明。

Google I/O 2022 Web Platform 新特性展示观看笔记

了解 Web 新技术从未如此充满乐趣。

PyYAML 使用技巧

分享我在 Python 下使用 PyYAML 的技巧和代码片段,并介绍几个相关的库。

Tips that may save you from the hell of PyYAML

Try to make our life with PyYAML easier.