Crafting tools and products to help people think and create.

Hey, I’m Xiao, AKA Reorx on the internet. I'm a:

  • Full-stack web developer

    I have 6+ years of experience in full-stack web development, operations, and project management. I specialize in Python, Go, and JavaScript, but I don’t shy away from other languages to solve problems.

  • Freelancer

    I work from home to feed myself. I provide consulting services for creative workers and agencies to help them deliver better products. Meanwhile, I participate in profitable projects with my reliable partners.

  • Open-source enthusiast

    I’ve always been passionate about sharing the code and solutions I worked out. I maintain projects like Python libraries, Chrome Extensions, and Obsidian plugins on GitHub in my spare time.

  • and Product maker

    I love making products, and I see it as the highest pursuit of my career. Over the years, I've independently built many products, either for companies or as open-source projects. Since last year, I’ve been working as the co-founder of a SaaS product that refines the way to collect and ingest information.

Reorx’s Footprints is the Telegram Channel that aggregates the content I consume and create on the Internet. Join to get my updates and learn new things with me there.

You can also find me at the links below.

Rabbit R1 - The Upgraded Replacement for Smart Phones

A milestone in the evolution of our digital organ.

Debounce and Throttle

介绍 Debounce 和 Throttle 两种频率限制手段,以具体场景为例展示两者的区别。

Window Opener for Chrome


用 AI 工具快速撰写分享型推文

一次将 AI 用于内容创作的简单尝试

2023-03-11 1311 words 3 min

A Message to GPT-API Product Makers

The more developers favor your product, the easier marketing it would be.

谈谈我对 ChatGPT 应用的 prompt 的看法

Prompt 是一个 ChatGPT 应用的灵魂,希望所有基于 ChatGPT API 的产品都能向用户公开其 prompt,保持透明,尊重用户隐私。或许我们可以发起一个由社区共同维护的 Open Prompt 开源项目?

ChatGPT Proofreader extension for Popclip

做了一个校对和润色选中文字的 Popclip 插件

2023-03-02 1945 words 4 min


写笔记时想到一句话: 掌控时间不仅能使我的生活变得更好,同时也是使我的生命更有价值 尝试翻译成英文: Being in control of time not only makes my life better, but also gives my life more value. 这里「生...

Some random thoughts on Generative AI

ChatGPT 带来的震动一次又一次出圈,生成式 AI 领域的大型科技与商业竞争正在白热化。在这个人人都在谈论 AI 的时刻,我也有几个观点想要分享一下。

2023-02-08 1159 words 3 min


《风暴英雄》培养了我与人竞争的能力。 从小我就是个胆子比较小的人,遇到与人正面对抗的事情就会犯怵,人多的时候说话都不利索。但接触电脑游戏后,我...