Crafting tools and products to help people think and create.

Hey, I’m Xiao, AKA Reorx on the internet. I'm a:

  • Full-stack web developer

    I have 6+ years of experience in full-stack web development, operations, and project management. I specialize in Python, Go, and JavaScript, but I don’t shy away from other languages to solve problems.

  • Freelancer

    I work from home to feed myself. I provide consulting services for creative workers and agencies to help them deliver better products. Meanwhile, I participate in profitable projects with my reliable partners.

  • Open-source enthusiast

    I’ve always been passionate about sharing the code and solutions I worked out. I maintain projects like Python libraries, Chrome Extensions, and Obsidian plugins on GitHub in my spare time.

  • and Product maker

    I’m now working full-time as the co-founder of a SaaS product that refines the way to collect and ingest information. It’s the first product I designed and built upon my own will. I’m excited to make it alive at the end of this year

Reorx’s Footprints is the Telegram Channel that aggregates the content I consume and create on the Internet. Join to get my updates and learn new things with me there.

You can also find me at the links below.

浅谈 Chrome Manifest V3 的优缺点

Manifest V3 会对用户有什么影响,是好是坏?最近对此终于有了一些具体的理解,来辩证地看待这一改变。


偶然看到一张网图,内容如下: 人类真矛盾,不管进啥群,最后都是搞黄色。反而进了黄色群,最后聊三观、聊实事。 以前也看过类似的说法,都一笑置之了,...


看到了 @waylybaye 的推文: 我一个人,一台电脑,一个银行账户,不需要任何资质证明,不需要任何政府部门审批,不需要和市场所在地的政府打交道。就可以把作品卖...

童年的 Disco

朋友给我发了一个 B 站视频 别问我什么是迪斯科,是音乐家张蔷 2013 年的歌曲,却有着浓浓的怀旧风情,唤起了五光十色的童年回忆。 于是我翻了翻自己的收藏,...

Kevin Kelly 对创作者的指导

最近读到 Kevin Kelly (KK) 的一段话,深有感触: Separate the processes of creation from improving. You can’t write and edit, or sculpt and polish, or make and analyze at the same time. If you do, the editor stops the creator. While you invent, don’t select. While you sketch, don’t...


前阵子在 如何寻找一个理想的租房 中,讲了最近寻找租房的经历。这篇文章来同步一下后续的进展:我们选择了保持现状,继续居住现在的房子。 为什么呢?我...

State of Play September 2022

看完 State of Play September 2022,种草了几个新游戏: God of War Ragnarok 之前 Trailer 的时候一度以为这是个 DLC,这次终于展示了一些重磅画面,如 Tyr 和 Kratos 双手交握、合作前行;A...


正在租的房子临近到期,这两天在四处奔波寻找一个新的居所。 我把整个过程大体分为三个阶段:理清需求、扫荡区域、对比筛选。 理清自己的住房需求是第一...

停不下来的创业者——得知 Figma 被 Adobe 收购有感

晚上回家时看到了 Figma 被 Adobe 以 $20 billion 收购的消息。 这令我非常忧心,我已经将 Figma 当成必不可少的创作工具,甚至打算写一篇博客介绍作为非设计师的我如何使用它。...


Twitter 上刷到 酱紫表 对百度云的咆哮: 为什么像百度这么大的公司,百度云这么多用户的产品,高分屏的适配完全没做?完全在给用户喂💩,每次打开都恶心。 因为...